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Dr. Bowen used the idea of a coach when working with individuals or families. Perhaps more accurately, the idea grew out of his research with families. Other disciplines or endeavors use the same term. However, when working with emotional process in family systems, there is a broader base of understanding and conceptualizing the coaching relationship.

It is well known that benefits can result from working with a coach. A coach trained in Bowen Theory brings a way of thinking connected to research on families and family systems. The emphasis is not on finding pathology or learning techniques to change others. Coaching includes a focus on forces beyond the individual that impact the individual and system. When a person is motivated he or she can move in principled ways toward "dealing with the hand they've been dealt."

A suggestion in seeking a coach or consultant is to find a person who has had exposure to theory and practice over a number of years. The coaching process itself can offer theory driven and process questions that provokes discovery and awareness. A neutral party who thinks systems can be an asset for one who seeks understanding of their own family process (family of origin), the congregation (work system), or families in the congregation.

There is high potential for functional gain over time in taking responsibility for one's own position and growth in a relationship system. Work with a growing understanding of Bowen Theory offers an integrative perspective for parents, presidents, pastors, and priests.